SDX is a modding framework for any game using the Unity game engine

It was originally created to add modding support to 7 Days To Die but has since been expanded with a plugin system to work with other games

By Domonix, Hal


Documentation can be found here


Download Date Description
SDX 0.7.1 21/08/17
  • Currently maintained by Hal
  • Added: Auto-creation of empty mods.dll if required
  • Added: Handle XPath variables when patching XML (handles XUI errors)
  • Added: QoL features to give feedback on errors or handle them automatically
  • Added: Assets are copied to the game's Mod folder to allow the removal of the sdxconfig file
  • Added: Button for creating and starting with the sdxconfig file if required
  • Added: Refresh button for Launcher
SDX 0.7.0 25/12/16
  • Added: Support for multiple targets in one config
  • Added: Open mods folder button
  • Added: Action complete time to log
  • Added: Patch quests text
  • Added: More info to targets
  • Fixed: Missing TargetName in sdxconfig generated on play
  • Fixed: Output path of assembly after link patch stage
  • Fixed: Exception when no mods.dll in managed folder
  • Fixed: Patch mod step now updates the AssemblyPath var
  • Fixed duplicate assembly references
  • Removed: Resource load logging in payload